Power and scalability for a new IT generation

The simplicity, power and reliability of the IBM i is legendary. Today, there are more than 15,000 applications that run on it, it’s continually evolving, and yet it maintains support for applications written in 1988. 

That said, a new generation of IT may not be leveraging its full power and scalability. Learn 14 great reasons why you and your staff should be maximizing the i. Download Why IBM i?, a white paper that outlines its staying power and how Help/Systems can help you maximize its capabilities. 


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There since the beginning

IBM brought the AS/400 to market in 1988 with the OS/400 operating system—and doubled its predecessor’s performance. At a time when data management needs were skyrocketing, IBM and Help/Systems offered system automation that gave IT customers more freedom and agility. Read our exclusive white paper on why the IBM i has a 25-year history of strength and stability.

Staying power and scalability.
64 percent of organizations plan to use it on upgraded hardware. Info-Tech Aug. 2011 survey

An automation workhorse.
More than capable of running the latest technology. 

It’s one of the best platforms for centralizing control of IT operations.

More with less.
Organizations using it have five times fewer administrators.
International Technology Group, Oct. 2012

It’s not a legacy system.
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Partners in progress

We join IBM in celebrating the anniversary of the IBM i. Here's a look at our progress, together, over the years. 

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